Saturday, September 1, 2007

Vaasthavam Review

Saw vaasthavam yesterday.

Despite the serious problems with screen play, it is still different, worth a watch.

Prithviraj has finally justified the promise he gave with "Violence"

He is unfortunate to have come at a time, when malayalam film industry is void of any great directors. Imagine him coming at a time when Padmarajan, satyan anthikkad , bharathan and others were at the prime, a time when even director kamal was in the second bench.

Vaasthavam captures, some of the under currents in anantha puri's power corridors well.
Padma kumar has done a decent job as director, improving vastly from amma kili kkudu.

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Reshmi said...

What abt Prithviraj getting the state award for this film ?
Did he really deserve it or is it similar to saif ali khan getting national award for humtum ? a good but not-enough-to-be-awarded performance...?